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BOJAK is a leading supplier of turnkey material handling systems, automatic trailer loading and industrial automation solutions. We offer a full compliment of industrial conveyor systems for automated assembly. 

  • Infeed Tables for Forklift Offloading

  • Conveyors (Slat Pedestal Variation Shown for Automated Wax Application Process)

  • Stabilizing Crowder Systems for Robot Integration

  • Robot Transfer Unit Risers & Product Elevating Stands

  • Scissor Lift Stacker Crowders for Outfeed Forklift Removal

  • Robot Programming, System Controls & Installation


BOJAK heavy load assembly conveyors are designed to transport and accurately position large work pieces (frames, vehicles, engines, etc.) through robotic process’s such as assembly, weld, finishing, etc.


The BOJAK system is based on an automotive standard heavy-duty pedestal slat conveyor. Our proprietary pedestal design allows for precise positioning of work pieces as required for robot interaction.


Pedestals are automatically adjustable via integrated crowders to allow for precise positioning as required for robot interface.   The system eliminates part pallets, pallet return conveyors and external positioning crowders.


The system can be configured to suit your assembly process requirements whether it be 20 feet or 500 feet in length and easily handle work piece loads up to 6,000 lbs and 20 feet in length.


The BOJAK assembly conveyor can be provided as “Stand Alone” units or as part of a Turnkey BOJAK assembly system.


Staging area for incoming product compatible with robotic and forklift loading operations.



Elevated robotic transfer units allow for seamless product transport between each major work station and for product stacking.


Product is robotically loaded onto the main conveyor line and is moved through work stations (welding, wax applications, assembly, etc.) as needed. Robust crowding systems enable product stabilization for accurate robot interactions.



By stacking products robotically, product damage is eliminated and stacks of finished product can efficiently be transported from one assembly process to the next.  System shown above was designed for the internal wax application of truck frames.

Interior Wax Application Booth
Factory Acceptance Test
Stacker Crowder Scissor Lift
Forklift Infeed Station
Robot Riser
On-Site Installation
Stacker Crowder Scissor Lift
Infeed Control Panel
Spiral Lift
Interior Wax Application Booth

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