Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Carts (AGCs) provide a flexible and cost-effective material handling solution ideal for moving products through assembly operations and the transport of  finished and in-process goods throughout your plant or warehouse.  Systems operate 24/7 and in many cases provide a return on investment of 12 to 18 months.

AGVs have been used in production automation for more than 40 years.  BOJAK offers the latest technology in contour and landmark based systems, utilizing the same safety sensors to guide the vehicle that are used for personnel or object detection.  Using a vision system, AGVs are walked through the facility to register landmarks that the software uses to determine which of these objects are permanent or temporary.  This ensures that objects ranging from pallets, fixed workstations, and columns are identified correctly.  

Installations can be performed in only a couple of days, with the information gathered from the initial walk through available for download to the entire fleet.  With a standard software package, changes can be made to customize the system.  We are always available to help on and off site, and will ensure that the factory personnel are trained to handle changes to the AGV system in house.

Systems are designed to improve productivity and reduce costs in many different industries including warehousing and manufacturing.  Our team of experts will ensure systems are designed, implemented and maintained to meet your specific needs.



Systems install quickly with guide-path easily modified. AGVs interface with both automatic and manual processes and leave the plant floor clear for personnel and fork truck traffic.



Available are numerous load handling options and vehicle configurations with a standard load capacity of 1,000 lb.


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