Load A Full Trailer in Only 60 Seconds.



Automatic Trailer Loaders are an advanced logistics technology enabling the automatic loading and unloading of product in under 60 seconds, and providing a return on investment of 18 to 20 months. 


Systems can handle a variety of products including automotive frames, battery cells, drive trains, interior systems, pallets, tires & wheels, doors, glass, racks & dunnage, and much more!  These systems ensure fast and cost efficient just-in-time parts delivery using state of the art technology.

Product is sequenced at the initial facility and loaded onto the conveyor for transport.  The trailer backs into the dock and within 60 seconds, a full load of product is accumulated onto the conveyor and is ready for transport to the receiving facility.  This operation alone can take up to 20 minutes or more in a standard non-automated environment. 


At the receiving facility, the trailer arrives at the dock, transfers the product off of the conveyor, and the product is automatically sent to the assembly line for further production.  



Loading Table 2.PNG

Loading Table

Dock Conveyor 2.PNG

Dock Conveyor


Trailer Conveyor



System can load racks weighing a total of 18,000 lbs using robust CC5 Roller Flight Chain, can automatically load or unload a trailer in minutes, and handles multiple products, pallets and racks configurations. Control system contains HiLo operator panels, outside dock panels and a main control panel with automated sequencing and manual jog controls.



Features automotive duty roller flight chain, heavy-duty structural steel frames and wear strips, extreme duty stops and shock absorbing load tables all to ensure peak performance and maximum up time.



Plant-side loading table is built with heavy-duty vibration mounts on the legs, crane bumpers on the back and side guides, chain-driven custom made rollers for relentless durability.


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Engineering & Design

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Testing & Maintenance

The BOJAK Automatic Trailer Loader allows for the double stacking of product, ensuring the maximum usage of available transport space and a significantly increased ROI.

The ATL also provides improved efficiency in the frozen goods industry and can be operated within freezer and temperature-controlled environments.  With tight constraints when moving product between different temperature-controlled environments, the ATL is a reliable and efficient system that ensures wasted product due to melting is minimized.

Designed with industry experience and a team of expert engineers, maximum safety is built directly into the system including the weight of the system and loads, overall rigidity, method of securing loads, and ensuring easy access in case of a power failure. 


Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Loading Table
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
ATL Testing Unit
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader
Automatic Trailer Loader


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Shot Pin 2.PNG
Shot Pin 1.PNG

Trailer lift pins act as an electrical locking system to secure racks during transport.  In the case of a power loss, racks can be secured and released without power, enabling the locking system to be activated mechanically from outside of the trailer.  This design ensures optimal operation in winter months, eliminating pneumatic failure and hydraulic leakage.

BOJAK heavy duty lift pins are designed with the holding force to restrain 6,000 lbs of weight per rack with three racks held inside the trailer during regular transport and will not fail during 24/7 operations.  


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