​The BOJAK Work Safe Conveyor was designed for the purpose of keeping essential workers, families and friends safe during this challenging time.

This system utilizes UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Irradiation) to sterilize the product, with secondary Ozone application for sterilization of porous surfaces.

Consumer based units are portable (2x4 Meters) & operate on 110V to facilitate use in consumer outlets, care facilities, airports, offices etc.


Supply chain units are capable of higher volumes as required for sterilization of trailer loads of product ensuring materials entering or exiting a facility are pathogen free.   

Sterilization involves placing the product on the conveyor, which is then conveyed through the sterilization chamber, and exits safe to handle.

Consumer Unit

Designed for General Public Usage:

  • Retail - Packaged foods & purchased Items can be sanitized at point of purchase.

  • Facility Control - Mail, courier deliveries, briefcases, purses, etc. sanitized on entrance.

  • Airports – Luggage, carry on & personal items sanitized prior to screening and departures.

  • Care Facilities - Sanitation of items prior to distribution to vulnerable patients & residents.


High Volume Commercial Unit

Supply Chain Usage

  • Factories – Consumable products sanitized on entry for work force protection.

  • Retail – Cased products sanitized on receipt for personnel & consumer protection.

  • Warehousing & Third-Party Logistics.

  • Airports & Transportation – Sanitized prior to secondary inspection and loading by baggage handlers.




Stainless steel conveyors designed for package handling, wash down, sanitary and food grade operations.  BOJAK is dedicated to quality ensuring cutting edge technology, ergonomic design, superior reliability, improved safety and intelligent control systems. 


Design Features include:

  • Versatile: Package Handling, Wash Down, Sanitary & Food Grade Applications, Severe Environment (Sterilization) Option

  • Belting Options: Non Marking, Food Grade or Modular Plastic Belting

  • Multiple Guarding, Side Rails & Support Options Available

  • Energy Efficient Drives Designed for Powering Multiple Conveyors or Stand Alone Operations

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